Martin Armstrong Updated Market Outlook

I received a very nice note from Martin Armstrong which I wanted to share.  Now that every central bank in the world as managed to re-flate itself out of the economic collapse, Martin's work might fade into the background.  However, it shouldn't.  His work is all about cycles and we will find ourselves back were we came from soon enough.   

In his note, Martin writes that he believes a market top could arrive after Labor Day with a retest of support in 2010.  New highs could follow by 2015. 

Letter From Marty082309   

Martin also notes that he continues to wait for a response from the Supreme Court on his case.  However, it sounds like little progress is being made.  Please contact Martin with any thoughts or well wishes at

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  1. A retest of support in 2010, which support? Will that retest be the ultimate bottom for this cycle? When in 2010?

    I hope the response is positive for you fromthe Supreme court.

    M Dolan

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