Why do I know….

Here comes the warm machine
Such a warm machine
This is the life
This is the sound
Here comes a warm machine
Such a warm machine

— Bush "Warm Machine"

Lots of blog posts start with a deep and meaningful lyric.  However, I have found that many things in life are meaningless and non-sensical…like the lyrics to any Bush song.  It’s these stupid pieces of information that seem to take up room in my brain and crowd out information worth knowing such as my wife’s birthday. 

With that, it’s time to play…

Why Do I Know….

That this man’s name is Joel Appel…and why do I have his products in my house?


That Lionel Richie’s adopted daugher’s name is Nicole?


That Jason Giambi injected steroids into his buttocks?


And why do I still know all the girls names from Lou Bega’s Mambo #5?


A little bit of monica in my life
A little bit of erica by my side
A little bit of rita is all i need
A little bit of tina is what i see
A little bit of sandra in the sun
A little bit of mary all night long
A little bit of jessica here i am
A little bit of you makes me your man

Pass It On