Economic InfoPorn For The Masses

I love Barry Ritholtz's complex economic charts - he calls them "infoporn".  But the original distributor of economic infoporn to the masses was Ross Perot.  I remember watching prime time television in disbelief during the 1992 presidential election as a Ross Perot clearly and quickly outlined the economic issues facing the country with about 20 handheld slides.  It was the most thorough discussion of the economy and federal deficit I have ever seen, or will probably ever see, on network television.

Well, the original distributor of economic infoporn is back with a vengeance.  Ross Perot recently launched his new web site analyzing federal spending.  Listen to the "Challenges Facing Our Country" presentation on the home page.  It's a work of infoporn beauty.  Barry Ritholtz would be proud.  Let's hope someone is listening.

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